Selling Your Books To Us

To sell us your books we encourage you to make an appointment; we are not always able to accommodate walk-ins. You may make an appointment by calling (651) 644-7605 or emailing Please give us an idea of what sort of books you have with information like subject matters, quantity, and where the books are from (e.g. your own collection, inherited, etc) beyond "I have some old books" so we can know if we might be interested and if it's worth your time to bring them over. Pictures especially can also be helpful, emailed to . It is not necessary to make up a list.

When you have an appointment, pull into the alley behind (north off Snelling Ave.) the book store, drive up to the blue door and call us and we will meet you in back. Depending on the quantity and timing, we may have to have you leave them with us while we go through them. We will give you an estimate of how long it will take us when we see the books, and call you when we have gone through them.


Please note. It is difficult to say whether we would be interested in a particular title over the phone. We buy books in many different subject areas. Of particular interest are art, illustrated, children's, science fiction, horror, military, history, philosophy, literature, occult/new age, math, and science. We also purchase silver and golden age comics, vintage pulps, and some vintage magazines.

As a general used book store our stock spans the gamut from rare collectibles to good reading copies of classics. We do not purchase everything though. Books in poor condition, general encyclopedias published within the last hundred years, reader's digest condensed books, college text books, most ex-library copies, sports cards, and record albums are a non-exhaustive list of stuff we do not buy.


House Calls

At our discretion we can make house calls for large collections that are of particular interest. House calls are typically only done with collections of over 200 hardcover books in subject matters of interest to us. Books do not have to be in any particular order but should be up on shelves or otherwise easy to look through and not in packed up in boxes.