We are currently not buying books from the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selling your books


What sort of books do you buy?:

We buy books in many different subject areas. Of particular interest are art, illustrated, children's, science fiction, horror, military, history, philosophy, literature, occult/new age, math, and science. We also purchase silver and golden age comics, vintage pulps, and some vintage magazines.

As a general used book store our stock spans the gamut from rare collectibles to good reading copies of classics. We do not purchase everything though. Books in poor condition, general encyclopedias published within the last hundred years, reader's digest condensed books, school text books, record albums, are a non-exhaustive list of stuff we do not buy.


Are my books valuable just because of their age?

Age is relative. Superhero comics in nice condition from the 1960's can have a very high value while an old German bible from the 19th century may have little value. For a book to have value it typically needs more than to just be old; it has to have some sort of contemporary interest.


What do we pay?:

Condition, edition, and contents are all important when determining what we will pay for books. Typically we pay a higher percentage of retail for more valuable and less common books.

Note that although a list can allow us to gauge interest and let you know if it would be worth your time to bring them over, we are unable to make offers or give valuations without seeing the books in person.


When can you sell us your books?

Books buyers are typically available Monday through Saturday in the afternoon. This is not a set schedule and can vary on a day to day basis. We recommend calling in advance to make sure a "buyer" is available. Walk-ins cannot always be acommodated. For large collections it is best to set up an appointment which you may do over the phone (651-644-7605) or through email (

For determining whether we would have interest in purchasing your books, the easiest and most helpful thing for you send us are pictures or a description of subject matters of the books. Lists can also be helpful in determining if we have interest. If you have a list or images of the books you may email it to us for our perusal ( Make sure that each book in the list includes information on the author, title, publisher, and date of publication. 


Do we make house calls?

We can make house calls for large collections that are of particular interest. House calls are typically only done with collections of over 200 hardcover books in subject matters of interest to us. An appointment is necessary.


Book Search

Our website includes only a fraction of our massive inventory of books, comics, and vintage magazine. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website give us a call or email and we will check our shelves and get back to you.